The category is, photo documentation, Khartoum Contemporary Art Center, 2020
The category is
Performance, stereo sound
5 min

Lipsync performance to a text
The category is undefined ravishing beauty unbound from expectations. The category is post gender. Categorization is speculative, is a dream, is limiting, categorization is real. Categorization has a past. Flowers should grow in a lush garden and not be put in my hands. No need for withering affirmation. Tolerance - such a disgusting word. I want my desires not to be tainted by my fears. The category is bizarre, doing Frankenstein, becoming the monster, fearful and in all its glory. The category is genderless femininity. Masculinity without gender. Carrying our bodies with all the space that our bodies demand. The category is massive, monumental. The weight of remembrance. Bodies that dissolve borders. Chains of solidarity. Lived experience of categorisation. That we categories ourselves into. Nonconforming. The category is the moment the double edged sword is buried in the soil. The category is the madonna and the whore. The category is unlearning. The system is not broken, it is working exactly as planned. The category is still innovation, wealth and potential presidency. The category maintains the system. The category is privileged white feminists knowing when to listen and when to talk. Being an ally and collapsing institutes that reinforce power structures, instead of aiming to be written into mainstream history books. The category is undecided, ever changeable. The category is to be thrown into assumption. The category is face.