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Karin Keisu and Josse Thuresson
Touching 2022

David Tobias Bonde Jensen
Karin Keisu and Josse Thuresson
Magnus Andreas Hagen Olsen
Niels Munk Plum
Lova Ranung
Luca Sørheim
Lesia Vasylchenko and Yurii Tymoshenko

How can speculative fiction help us imagine a future when living in a time filled with uncertainty, fear and injustice? What do we dream about? How does it sound and how does it smell? What can we touch?

Touching 2022 is a virtual group exhibition where nine artists create worlds and imagine alternative realities situated in the near future. Each artist has been invited to create an interactive three-dimensional space. The spaces are interconnected by portals, and the viewers can navigate through them from a first person perspective.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a reorientation of our relationship to intimacy, communication and globalization. It has contributed to a societal shift where care and collective responsibility has become central. The virus situates us in between life and death, affecting everybody differently and making the failures of established power structures tangible. Touching 2022 addresses the gradients between togetherness and isolation, utopia and dystopia, private and public, analogue and digital, and touches on processes started in tumultuous times with the potential to transform society.

The exhibition opens Dec 1st.

Presented at UNKNOW,

UNKNOW is an online environment for interdisciplinary exchange between young artists, guest curators and academics. It is an open-format space for displaying works and research-based projects dedicated to digital culture, philosophy, and media.

Curated by Karin Keisu, Magnus Andreas Hagen Olsen and Josse Thuresson

Queer Cohesion #1 Collectiveness
Detroit Stockholm

Vernissage: Thursday 5.11.2020, 5pm - 9pm
Opening hours: Friday 6.11.: 4pm - 8pm Saturday 7.11.: 12 - 6pm Sunday 8.11.: 12 - 6pm

Address: Detroit Stockholm Roslagsgatan 21 11355 Stockholm

`Queer Cohesion` is a series of three exhibitions that provides a platform for queer contemporary artists from the Nordic countries. The respective exhibitions carry the following thematics; Collectiveness, Norm-Criticality and Body. The project `Queer Cohesion` is initiated and curated by artists Hinni Huttunen and AnnaLeena Prykäri. Exhibition series starts with the theme of Collectiveness as the project `Queer Cohesion` is born from the craving for collaboration and discussions, both within the artists and audience. Collectiveness is also vital for the queer communitys existence and survival. The exhibition series then moves forward to Norm-Criticality which is a tool for dismantling different social structures, constraining perspectives and highlighting power hierarchies. The exhibition series is finalised with the thematic of Body that is here seen as a psychical and mental state. The Body can be a catalysator for movement or inanimate objects in space. `Queer Cohesion` stands for togetherness – solidarity – bonding and sticking together.

The exhibiting artists:
In Each Other`s Company
Karin Keisu & Josse Thuresson
Petronella Petander
AnnaLeena Prykäri
Jafar The Superstar
Whose Museum


Foto: Studio B/Stephie Braun

Karin Keisu och Josse Thuresson tilldelas 5 000 euro för sin kommande film "My tongue is a 10 centimeter long Swedish flag". Filmen är centrerad kring de strategier som människor använder för att återta och stärka sitt minoritetsspråk i ett samhälle som har påtvingat enspråkighet och homogenitet i århundraden. Utgångspunkten för projektet är Karin och Josses modersmål, meänkieli och svenskt teckenspråk.

Efter nomineringar från drygt femtio film- och konsthögskolor bjöds åtta kandidater in till München för att presentera sitt projekt för en internationell jury. Årets jury bestod av Bjørn Melhus, Markus Hannebauer, Emilija Škarnulyte, Julian Rosefeldt och Daniel Lang.

Ur juryns motivering om "My tongue is a 10 centimeter long Swedish flag": "We think that this subject is important in times of right wing populism suppressing minorities."

Kino der Kunst Project Award har funnit sedan 2017. Det är en kombination av filmfestival och konstutställning, som hjälper unga europeiska konstnärer och filmskapare att producera ett nytt verk med en eller flera kanaler som utmanar gränserna för traditionellt filmberättande.

Kino der Kunst:

Storgata 26, Oslo Welcome to RAVISHING SLUBB, a fundraiser and club night event as part of Li Beirut, donating all income to efforts aiding grass-root initiatives of arts and culture in Beirut, Lebanon in light of the current situation. RAVISHING SLUBB is a collaboration between SLUBB and Ravishing Beauty Salon, and is a one-night-only event brimming with club music, open-stage lip sync performances and a queer redefining beauty salon in the basement floor of Storgata 26.

SLUBB is a spacious night club concept, encouraging lust for life through all kinds of expression. SLUBB has previously arranged parties during Oslo Pride, hosted Trixie Mattel and makes frequent appearances at BLÅ and around the city. Resident djs LUCA123 and magnus ah ok will play solo and back to back sets throughout the night. As SLUBB and a dj duo, previous acts and appearances include fetish parties, valentines at Elsker during Halloween and gigs with LSDXOXO and Xzavier Stone. Expect (or not) sensual drum driven, bass heavy and experimental club music with dirrrty pop references and hints of tech, vogue and jersey club.

Ravishing Beauty Salon is a genderfuck act of defiance and a proposal for a more generous future here and now in the shape of a queer redefining beauty salon and an open lip-sync stage, expanding concepts of beauty through smeared lipstick and sharp cut barber drawings on any hairy surface, hosted by Karin Keisu and Josse Thuresson. Ravishing Beauty Salon is an invitation to embody your desires and disturb society’s limiting expectations.

RAVISHING SLUBB takes safety precautions seriously in order to create a safe environment for everybody. Seating tables, as well as standing/dancing tables on the dancefloor, can be reserved by messaging Storgata 26 on Facebook. The beauty salon will provide protective and sanitized equipment. Due to the pandemic, Storgata 26 has a limited max capacity, so please come early.

All ticket sales will go directly to Station in Beirut, a hybrid cultural space dedicated to presenting bold, contemporary and progressive content in Beirut. Station will distribute the income to the organisations Lebanese Solidarity Fund, Theater Relief Group in Lebanon and Beirut Musician's Fund.

GET WITH THE PROGRAM 2. Ravishing Beauty Salon 3. Open lipsync stage 1-9. Get drink(s) 4. Dj set LUCA123 5. Dj set magnus ah ok 6. Dj set LUCA123 7. Dj set magnus ah ok 8. magnus ah ok B2b LUCA123

About Li Beirut: Beirut has earned its title as one of the most innovative art and music capitals of the Middle East if not the world. Birthing new genres in music and legendary artists, their sound has reached every corner of the world, including a unique relationship with Oslo through the yearly festival Beirut and Beyond. Following the tragic explosions in August 4th, the city was left in devastation. As artists, venue owners and culture producers, it is our time to help rebuild the city that has given so much to the world. “Li Beirut”, named after the song by the iconic Lebanese singer Fairuz, is an art and music fundraiser that will take over the city of Oslo. Each venue and organizer will set up their own event to send funds to rebuild cultural institutions in Beirut that were affected by the explosion, spreading the public throughout the city to uphold the strict safety regulations. About Station:

Launched in Beirut, Lebanon in 2013, Station seeks to contribute to the regional creative scene by offering a platform for artists and curators in the visual, performing and digital arts. Station aims to facilitate the exchange between artists, audience and cultural stakeholders by maintaining contextualized interdisciplinary programming and a collaborative approach to the creation, experimentation and presentation of cultural programs. Station's programming is informed by the current moment of possibility in the region’s cultural history. Activities include exhibitions, workshops, live performances, artist residencies and community events. Working with local NGOs, Station has since mid-April 2020 been active with emergency food relief to the wider Lebanese population, as the chronic economic meltdown dates from before the blast. In the past weeks, they added distribution of clothes and medicine.

Station: Lebanese Solidarity Fund (AFAC): Theatre Relief Group in Lebanon: Beirut Musician's Fund (Tunefork Studios):

Book Launch: AVGNAG 2020
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

Photo by Magnus Andreas Hagen Olsen

Welcome to the launch of AVGNAG 2020, a publication initiated by the graduating bachelor students of Fine Arts at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Due to the pandemic, the students had to cancel their long planned degree show in May this year. As a response, the students decided to come together and make an alternative. AVGNAG 2020 is a massive publication, featuring individual and collaborative works by all graduating BFA students. The launch at Kunstnernes Hus, as part of the Master students Avgangsutstillingen 2020 program, features readings from the book and performances by participating students.

Program - Aug 15th
Welcome and introduction by curator Ebba Moi and student Magnar Grønvik Müller.
Performance program:
Karin Keisu & Josse Thuresson: Tidslinje (jag talar flytande lojalitet), text reading
Mattias Hellberg & Zoi Johansson: Vi må kjempe for retten til å feste, excerpt from Slaget om Showbaren, performance and more
Zoi Johansson: Att florera i skarven mellan två kulturer, text reading

Publication contributors:
Erik Aronsson
David Tobias Bonde Jensen
Vagnur Dam
Fanny Fermelin
Magnar Grønvik Müller
Mattias Hellberg
Jenny Hviding
Zoi Johansson
Karin Keisu
Mikael Munz Bakketun
Magnus Andreas Hagen Olsen
Esra Düzen
Maria Saxegaard
Martine Stenberg
Sigrid Stokker
Markus Sundberg
Luca Sørheim
Josse Thuresson
Lesia Vasylchenko

Edited by Karin Keisu, Josse Thuresson and Magnus Andreas Hagen Olsen
Curated by Ebba Moi